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NO Mess, NO Fuss, NO Microwave, NO Boiling!

* Heat up almost anywhere
* 2-4 hours heat normal, under covers up to 6 hours
* Safe & Non-toxic
* Comfortable and soft

Up to 140 degrees - Deep tissue heat that will relax even the sorest of muscles into a state of deep relaxation.

To Heat:  Plug in, disconnect when light turns off in 7-9 minutes, GO!
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To heat unit:

1.Pick up your My Heat Buddy
2.Swivel white plastic disk to the side
3.Gently and completely insert heart-shaped end of cord into opening
4.Place unit down onto flat and stable surface
5.Plug other end into electrical outlet - red light will come on
6.When light goes off, unit is fully heated
7.Remove cord from electrical outlet and then from MHB
8.Do NOT use while unit is plugged in.
9.When the unit has cooled, if you want to reheat the unit, repeat the above procedure

When heating My Heat Buddy place on a flat table or surface with the charging plug facing up.  

Question: Damaged cord

** The heart shaped charging coupler is deformed or damaged, or the charging coupler can not be removed from the charging port after charging. 

Solution: The heart shaped charging coupler MUST be COMPLETELY INSERTED into the charging port. (See above picture) If the coupler becomes deformed or damaged, the charging cord can NOT be used any longer. ** Stop using the product immediately.**
To use cold:

Simply place into refrigerator.  For longer cooling place into the freezer for up to 7 hours. ** If you leave in the freezer for 8 hours or longer the unit may freeze.  Wait for the unit to thaw before reheating.**
Question: Unit is expanding / Making strange noise 

** When I charge My Heat Buddy it starts to swell or make a strange boiling / gurgling noise.

Solution: Take off the lid and pull out the stopper by using a small blunt tool and then release ALL the air in your My Heat Buddy, then put the stopper back in and place lid back on and charge.  Make sure the minimum amount of water required for your unit is inside.  If the unit does not have enough water, add water back into it.

WARNING - Do not release air if it has just charged. Contents will be very hot, releasing hot air and water could cause burns.  Wait until the unit has cooled.

*** If you must keep doing this discontinue use of the product immediately***

Question: I accidentally let out some / all of the water, what do I do now?

Solution: Using less than the minimum water amount will damage the unit and decrease the lifetime of the unit significantly.  The unit will NOT work with little or no water in it, if this has occurred stop using your My Heat Buddy. 

Question: Light is not coming on when I plug it in and unit is cool.

Solution: This is not a product defect, but a self-protection function, protecting the heating pack from expanding too much.  Air will be separated from water after heated up a few times.  Follow the steps for "Unit is expanding". 

Safety Guidelines / Precautions during use:
1.  NEVER use your My Heat Buddy if you have drained the water out.   Draining the unit or reducing the water inside (less then the minimum) will damage the unit, deteriorate the plastic and may cause injury or burns.

2.  Never use the My Heat Buddy while it is heating or with the power supply cord connected.  Remove the power supply cord completely prior to use.

3. If the unit should expand abnormally or you must keep removing the air, or if the unit becomes excessively hot, disconnect the power supply cord from the household power outlet immediately and discontinue use of the unit.

4. Do not immerse the unit in water to clean.  Wipe only with a dampened cloth. Do not place into washing machine.

​5. Adult supervision required at all times.

6. Do not use directly on children or people with disabilities or sensitive skin.

7. Do not consume fluid inside My Heat Buddy.

8. Do not apply My Heat Buddy directly on skin for long duration.

9. Do not apply excessive pressure onto My Heat Buddy.

10. Do not microwave My Heat Buddy.

11. Never use on rough surface, or on surfaces with sharp corners or edges that could tear or puncture My Heat Buddy and cause the fluid inside to leak.  Do not not use sharp pins or other sharp objects with the My Heat Buddy. Never squeeze, crush or fold the unit.
***Always use at least the minimum amount of water as per the instructions for your unit size and style***