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NO Mess, NO Fuss, NO Microwave, NO Boiling!

* Heat up almost anywhere
* 2-4 hours heat, under covers up to 6 hours
* Safe & Non-toxic
* Comfortable and soft

140 degrees - Deep tissue heat that will relax even the sorest of muscles into a state of deep relaxation.

To Heat:  Plug in, disconnect when light turns off in 7-9 minutes, GO!
Assembeling MY Heat Buddy
Any questions?  Please view our video on how to properly fill your My Heat Buddy.
You Will Receive:

* Heat cord 
* My Heat Buddy unit
* Plastic water plug stopper
* Fill kit spout (fits carbonated bottles)

You Will Need: 

* Soda bottle (water bottle will not work)
* Measuring cup
* Towel


You must use at least the minimum amount of water to ensure your unit will work properly.  Using less than the minimum will damage the product, deteriorate the plastic and may cause injury or burns.  

After filling make sure to remove all excess air from unit.  If you do not remove the air from the unit upon filling the unit will start to expand after a few uses. Refer to instructions page for more information.

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How to fill your new My Heat Buddy

Here is a demonstration on filling your My Heat Buddy.  Please enjoy the video.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
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*For some units
Water Requirements:

Pillow - 3 1/4 cups - full
Hand muff - 3 1/4 cups - full
15" x 8.5" Enjoy -  5 1/4 cups - full
Neck - 5 cups - full

Directions for filling:

1.Measure correct amount of water (minimum amount of water must be added to ensure safety)
2.Fill plastic soda bottle with tap water
3.Attach plastic funnel to bottle
4.Insert funnel into hole on front of heat buddy – squeeze water from bottle into MHB - Be patient 
5.When bottle is empty: repeat steps 2-3 until minimum is filled. (You may add additional water)
6.Leave in fill kit funnel and lightly move hand over MHB to gently work any air bubbles out of unit
7.Firmly place stopper in hole and place lid over the stopper.

*** You MUST use the CORRECT MINIMUM amount of water for your size.  Please see chart.
Water requirements per size:

Pillow - 3 1/4 cups - full
Hand muff - 3 1/4 cups - full
15" x 8.5" Enjoy -  5 1/4 cups - full
Neck - 5  cups - full